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We offer a full range of tree services for our residential and commercial customers across the Northwest.
Tree Removal
Expert Pruning
Stump Grinding
Brush Chipping
Cat Rescue

Tree Removal

Whether just clearing the view, increasing space, or eliminating a hazard, it’s important to leave this to the experts. We offer both fast, easily affordable, ‘high impact’ and methodical precision ‘low impact’ tree removals. We can drop small pieces directly onto the ground or easily fell an entire tree leaving behind some divots, or we can lower everything with ropes and rigging or even a crane or bucket truck to eliminate any trace of the work. We are also very experienced with hazardous trees that are dead or dying.

Expert Pruning

It’s important to prevent property damage, maintain building clearances and sustain the health of trees on a regular basis by pruning.  Large dead branches are also very hazardous and can fall without notice. ‘Deadwooding’ will remove dead branches to prevent further decay and insect infestations as well as devastating accidents.  Shaping bushes and trees is an art form that requires a careful eye and specific knowledge of each species. Our experts will be sure it’s done right.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can get in the way and can be an eyesore or worse, a tripping hazard!  Sometimes deciduous trees can even re-grow from the stump if not handled properly.  We quickly and safely remove unwanted stumps leaving behind only great recycled mulch for use on site or we can haul it away by request.

Brush Chipping

Clearing brush can create beautiful space and help prevent wildfire spread.  We chip any branches and bushes that need to be removed.  We are happy to leave the chips for use on site or can haul them away.  We make fast work of anything we cut or remove, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Cat Rescue

Looking to help your kitty friend or perhaps you just can’t stand listening to the neighborhood cat howling in distress?  Rescuing cats from trees is no problem for us.  We can safely climb trees with climbing gear or use a manlift to safely rescue your cat from a tree with minimal impact on the tree or the cat.

Credible Experts

It’s not just a part of our name, we bring knowledge, experience, and passion to your outdoor space.

Customer Service

Our service is a cut above the rest and our work, always guaranteed.

Flexible Budget

We help you select the best options that will also fit your budget.

Hassle Free

We take care of everything so you can simply enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

What We Do

We are Tree Care Experts

We are passionate about our customers and their outdoor worlds. We work relentlessly and without fail to provide the very best experience and quality without compromising safety, all while staying in budget and getting the job done on time.

We look forward to serving your tree care needs. Consultations are always free. Let us share our expertise with you, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.

What Clients Say

  • Just had three stumps ground down, one quite large! Thank you for your excellent service!!!

    Stefanie Mathre Craft
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc — May 31
  • We needed to have 3 trees removed from our backyard due to them leaning towards our neighbors house. Darrell came out and did a fantastic job removing the trees! We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Thanks again

    Kyza Nelson
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc — May 29
  • Fast, friendly and reliable! Showed up on time and did the work as agreed-upon! Great work for a great price! Highly recommended.

    Jenifer Schoen
    Reviewed Accurate Tree Experts, Inc — July 10
  • I am so thrilled with the job Darrell did for me yesterday! His precision skills are amazing! I had no idea how bad my trees were until I am looking at them this morning as the sun rises and I am SO HAPPY!!!!

    Marie Cyphers
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc
  • Darrell and crew were very professional and efficiently took out our large (broken tops) firs and diseased pines. They chipped a humongous pile of branches, hauled away the infected trees and left everything very clean. Thanks guys!

    Val Kelso
    Reviewed Accurate Tree Experts, Inc — August 11
  • I recommend accurate tree experts for any of your tree needs their fast hard-working clean, super knowledgeable and they get the job done right. I had a great experience working with them

    Matt McConnell
    Reviewed Accurate Tree Experts, Inc — July 28
  • Just had Darrell and his crew limb up a huge fir and cedar tree at my house. They are VERY Professional, VERY Safe, and clean up like they were never there. Also chipped up all the limbs in to a nice pile for me to use on my property. Going to hire them again for more tree work. If you need tree work or stump grinding this is the guy to have do the work.

    Bill Nottheactor Murray — August 3
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc
  • I’m a self proclaimed tree hugger, but I understand sometimes they need to be cut down. Accurate Tree Experts also grinds the stumps, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. MORE importantly is tree maintenance. Keep them healthy and keep them trimmed correctly so they don’t have to be cut down. No topping or butchering them, they are experts in climbing and cutting and trimming correctly!

    Melodi Ramquist
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc
  • I would recommend Accurate Tree Experts to anyone who needs a expert abborist. Darryl and his team were safe, professional and priced very fairly. They removed two large trees, ground stumps, and left a clean site in 2 days!!
    Thank You, Job well done!!

    Nicole Bowles
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc
  • I had a great experience with Accurate Tree Experts. They did a thorough job and cleaned up afterwards. I would use their services again.

    Lake Oswego Health Center PC
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc
  • We had Daryl come out to the house and cut down two dead alder trees and remove 5 to 7 stumps in our front yard. They got the job finished a little early so they knocked out a few extra stumps on the lower portion of my property at no extra cost. My 9 year old son was mesmerized watching him climb and cut and now he is considering lumberjack as a career option. 2 thumbs up!

    David Gasser
    Recommends Accurate Tree Experts, Inc

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